1986年 北海道生まれ。フォトグラファーとして主に野生動物を撮影。北海道の大自然で息吹く、深く尊い野生動物の輝きをSNSやSHOPを通じ世界へ展開している。

プロとして活動してわずか1年、2021年に日本写真映像用品工業会 JPIA「第9回フォトコンテスト2021」にて、作品「甘い時」が準グランプリを受賞。


2022年 第39回「日本の自然」写真コンテスト入選。

フォトサービスPhotoshoot https://koko-ko-ji.com/photoshoot を運営。「大切なひとときをカタチへ」をコンセプトに、様々なシーンでのロケーション撮影を行い、プリント・アルバム・グッズなどを作成するサービスを行っている。

また、グラフィックデザイナーとしてロゴ・名刺・ポスター・パンフレットなどのデザインも手掛けている。Portfolio https://koko-ko-ji.com/graphic-design-portfolio


Born in Hokkaido in 1986. As a photographer, I mainly shoot wild animals. We are spreading the brilliance of deep and precious wild animals that breathe in the wilderness of Hokkaido to the world through SNS and SHOP.

Only one year after working as a professional, in 2021, the work "Sweet Time" won the second prize at the JPIA "9th Photo Contest 2021" of the Japan Photographic and Visual Equipment Manufacturers Association.

After that, the development of the work was expanded, and professionals from all over the world rigorously examined it, and at the world's best art gallery "1x" where only the highest quality photographs are posted, he holds a photographer's certificate and publishes many works. is doing. Among them, he won seven awards, which are said to be even more severe.

2022 Selected for the 39th "Nature in Japan" Photo Contest.

Operates a photo service Photoshot https://koko-ko-ji.com/photoshoot. Based on the concept of "making an important moment into a shape," we provide a service to shoot locations in various scenes and create prints, albums, and goods.

Also, as a graphic designer, he designs logos, business cards, posters, pamphlets, etc. Portfolio https://koko-ko-ji.com/graphic-design-portfolio